April’s Fav 👒

I was thinking to start a new topic with monthly recurrence, presenting and sharing with all of you the items that I am discovering each month. For April 2017 my TOP 5 products looks like that: 1. This amazing foot balm from AVON with mineral rich sea salts. The skin foot is very smooth and…

Easter time 🦋🐸🐤🐣🐝

🌼Easter time!!! 🐥🌼🌤☀️🍄🌻🍃 🌼Share happiness and enjoy the silence with the ones you love ❤️🌸🍀🦋🌿 🌼Let’s stop for a while and appreciate the people around us and spend more time with them.  🌼Let’s follow our hearts and not others pages or profiles.  L O V E 😍