Let’s pack for 3 days is Italy (Bologna and Venice)


First of all, we must check the weather. This is how my weather application looks like:

Thursday 18º (almost sunny)

Friday 18º (almost sunny)

Saturday 17º (almost sunny)

Sunday 17º (almost sunny)

This sound perfect, and I am pretty sure that we will not need the umbrella, so let’s start thinking about the outfits. 🙂

Let’s check some Italian inspiration but, don’t forget the essentials

Toiletries Bag: Some basics include toothbrush, toothpaste, a small container of shampoo, a small container of conditioner (or a 2 in 1), deodorant, body cream.

Clothes: 2 pair of jeans, one warm sweater,2 white t-shirts, 1 shirt, comfy sneakers, ballerinas, leather jacket.


Useful stuff: Phone charger, selfie stick, external battery for your phone, hotel reservation, printed check ins, ID cards, sun glasses

 !!! Don’t forget that airline has different policies and restrictions about baggage weight, so be sure to check with your company.


Love, Cris ❤


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