January is for new plans, ideas and a fresh start! 😍

The winter holidays are gone… you must turn of the lights of the Christmas tree and pack all the decorations and candles, hoping that for the next year you will find them again. Santa Claus is already  gone, the New Year’s Eve party is ended, and you are here, feeling like your are in the middle of nowhere.

January is known for the “depression feelings” that is bringing with him.

But… did you ever thought about the best parts of this month?

 ❤ First of all… SALES!!! Everywhere you go, every shop or commercial center will seduce you with sales and discounts for tones of products. Do you remember that pair of thigh-high boots that you saw two weeks ago? Or the jacket? Or the new smartphone that in December looked so untouchable or too expensive? Now it’s the time ❤ Even the online shopping sounds so good in January.

❤ During this time of the year, the flying tickets  have lower prices. So.. what about a new city break? Or visiting an old friend who studies abroad? This is the time. You can use your economies from your grandparents for new adventures.

❤ You can register to a new language course, or a new skill training. In January registrations are open 😊

❤ Start the challenge of your summer body  with a gym membership or a detox diet. Both combined will bring you great results.  After the holiday season everybody can notice that you love chocolate (ha-ha) 😁

Summer looks closer right now, and suddenly we like January ❤🍾

Happy New Year dear followers. Make it a great year ❤❤❤

Love, Cris ❤



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