Winter is coming

Life is never easy. Everyone knows this. You must face everything like a winner with no trial version or instructions.

It’s November 2016, only one month and we will start to get ready for Christmas and for New Year’s Eve, impatiently waiting for 2017.

We have enough time to make a 2016 resolution. What was good, great or terrible. What made you feel like a winner or like a loser. What would you like to bring with you in 2017 or what needs to be improved. Just start thinking about this, make a list and read it next year. It will be more simple to know if the goals were achieved or if you are closer and closer every day.

I am starting today, here, with you, on my blog.

I would like to…

  1. continue to be a good person and keep helping the people in need;
  2. keep calm more frequently;
  3. we are almost 700 people on this blog, and it will be awesome to be more and more every year;
  4. continue to share my stories for you;
  5. spend more time with the people I love the most;
  6. drink more wine in a good company;
  7. visit all the places I never saw in Bucharest;
  8. visit Ibiza
  9. to finish my master degree in June 2017

2017 M A K E   I T   C O U N T ❤


Love, Cris ❤


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