10 reasons to visit Bologna

I was trying to find only 10 reasons to convince you to visit Bologna, but well, I think that the list should be longer :d

1.It’s a cheap destination, starting with the plane tickets (12 euro/person/one way), the food (10 euro/person one plate and one drink), the museum tickets (between 4-10 euro/person) and ending with the wine. (or maybe starting with it…)

2.The coffee is very good. If you are a coffee lover like me, you will be so confused when you will see that you drink coffee in order to drink wine, or wine before coffee, or both at the same time:)

3.You can take the train from the Central Station to Florence for only 1h 40 minutes. It costs 9 euro/person/one way.

4.The city is full of young people, students, having fun all over the place.

5.In Bologna you can find the Ice cream museum “Gelato museo” (10 euro/person to take the tour) ❤

6.The “Teatro Anatomico” is Europe’s unique building made of wood that is still functional and people still working there.

7.By night, the stairs in front of “Basilica San Petronio” are fulfilled by young artists playing the guitar, singing, painting, selling hand made jewelries and showing their own free spirit.

8.If you decide to take a walk but you will die for a glass of dry wine, the owners of terraces and restaurants are selling take away wine ❤ (P A R A D I S E )

9.Home made pizza is delicious, and also the pasta is hmmm…..

10.”Taglierri misti” was the best plate I’ve ever eat in my life. take a look at the pictures.

So ? Where will be your next stop? 🙂

Love, Cris ❤


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