City of Sibiu, Romania

We’ve decided to spend our next two days in Sibiu and we took the Transfagarasan Road.

It was really impressive and I was very happy because I’ve heard so much about this Road and I wanted to try it. The view was amazing but the weather was really cold. 🙂


We arrived in Sibiu at 12:00 AM and we went to eat something in the city center of Sibiu at “Cuptorul cu lemne”. In the Central Market was a traditional fair with traditional romanian products.I spent one hour trying to find the most beautiful romanian blouse called “ie” and I actually did ❤


The night was closed in glory with a bottle of wine and some pizza. Wait.

Somebody said pizza? I am so hungry night now 😦



Walking through the city i found this message written next to the door of a cafetteria 🙂

What do you think? If until now you were looking for a motivation, now you have it! Start beeing RICH ❤


Love, Cris ❤



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