Cinderella’s Bedroom💎🔱

This year, in February we decided to redecorate our bedroom. We were like crazy looking for wall colors, furniture, bed, wardrobe and stuff. We set the goal to be accomplished by the end of March and we estimated a budget. We finished our bedroom earlier than we planned, one night before our flight to Rome.🔛

We did everything by ourselves, we chose the colors, we painted the walls, we bought and assembled the furniture and also cleaned up the mess. 😂😂😂 I was feeling so happy because the room was perfect, and the trip to Rome was like a prize for reaching our goal. 🍀 ✈️

Pinterest is my Bible when in comes to interior design. Everything can be found there. I was looking on do-it-yourself items because the steps are very good illustrated and we had the confirmation that we can do it.🏆

For the walls we chose a white-pearl color because it will look very good with our black & white furniture. The mirror was found and IKEA and was matching with the curtains. 🎁🎀


My biggest wish was to put some light around the bed, to make it look like Cinderella’s bed. So O. decided to make me happy again.💖💖


And this is the result:🌟⭐️💫✨



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Love, Cris ❤


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