The sailing-boat-experience 🌊 ⛵️

Let’s pack and go somewhere, between the sunrise and the sunset. Let’s watch how the sun goes up and down during the day, and listen the sound of the waves hitting the wooden edge of the boat. ☀️   I think that it could be both relaxing and refreshing to spend the day watching how the nature is moving behind you. How about doing this all day long in a cruise on a sailing boat? 🌊  ⛵️

Last year when we decided to spent our summer holiday in Corfu Island-Greece, we rented a small sail for 6 people for one day, and we started to drive by the sea. Corfu Island is called the “Emerald Island” of the Ionian Sea, this name describes best the beautiful colour of the water. 💎

An amazing place where you can arrive only by boat is Peroulades. The sails were raised  and we started our cruise.  Peroulades is located in the north-western part of the island of Corfu. It is a narrow beach encircled by imposing hills which is considered as one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

This amazing place is fulfilled by rocky cliffs which are rather difficult to reach, through a steep path. This beach is impeccably maintained and very organized.💎 ⚜ 🔱


I was amazed about our experience with the sailing boat, and I will love to repeat it this summer in Lefkada, Greece. This days I was feeling nostalgic, so I started to look for inspiration on Pinterest 💖

*Throw back Thursday* 💙 💙 💙

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Love, Cris 💙


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