Lunes. Y que?

Shortest horror story: Monday again.🔫

It’s 8 AM, I am sitting in my bed, drinking an extra large cup of coffee and looking for some inspiration on Pinterest. On my search bar you can find tags like: summer, beaches, sun, tan, swimsuits, summer looks, amazing beaches, travel tips and other related stuff 🙂 I am working also on updating an old list with places to see once in a lifetime. Just in case you are not a traveler person and you need to be convinced. Two years ago I was visiting Sibiu with O. and some friends. On a small street, in the old city center of Sibiu I saw this beautiful quote, painted on a wall: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 💎💎💎image1.PNG

So motivate yourself, earn some money and choose a place. Let the trip be your future target for the next 2 months. You will love the experience of travelling to a place you have never been before with the one you love. Start it today.  All the diets start on Monday, so let this Monday be the starting point of your adventure.💰🌴☀️💫🌟🍀

IMG_6770beach-beautiful-hand-hearts-Favim_com-1922252FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (4)IMG_6677IMG_6160string-art-biketumblr_n6e10unAOI1rw97qao1_500

america-best-friends-coachella-dream-Favim_com-2775305beach-clothes-fashion-girl-Favim_com-1889007beach-fashion-friends-fun-girls-summer-thin-Favim_com-795600Love, Cris ❤



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