2016 Pants Trend: The CULOTTES

RO: Sezonul de primavara aduce din nou in atentia noastra una dintre cele mai hot piese ale anului 2015 pantalonii Culottes. Poti asorta pantalonii Culottes cu piese vestimentare in nuante  cromatice usor de controlat. Clasicul duo alb-negru nu va da gres niciodata. O pereche de pantaloni Culottes albi, un top negru, o pereche de sandale si un o geanta plic de efect te vor scoate cu siguranta in anonimat. Simpla croiala a acestor pantaloni este una care atrage antentia intr-un mod pozitiv. Which is good 🙂

Acesti pantaloni sunt foarte versatili in ceea ce priveste textura materialului din care sunt croiti.  Pantalonii din material vaporos sau din matase pot fi purtati la o tinuta eleganta, de seara. In timp ce pantalonii din bumbac sau din piele ecologica sunt o alegere reusita pentru o tinuta de zi, de cocktail sau garden party.

Daca v-am facut curioase, va ivit sa urmarim impreuna imaginile si sa alegem tipul de pantaloni Culottes pe care ii vom allege pentru aceasta vara.

EN: The spring season brings to our attention one of the hottest items of the year 2015 Culottes pants. You can match the Culottes pants with different items in chromatic shades easily controlled. The classic duo black and white will never fail. A pair of white Culottes pants, a black top, a pair of sandals and a colorful clutch will make you look amazing. The cut of these pants is the one that attracts attention in a positive way. Which is a good thing 🙂

These pants are very versatile in terms of texture material from which they are cut. The Culottes pants made of a vaporous material or silk can be worn in an elegant outfit for the day. While pants made of cotton or synthetic leather are an optimal choice for an outfit to wear when you are invited to a cocktail or a garden party.

If you are curious to see how you can match ths item, let’s watch together the photos and feel free to choose the type of Culottes pants for this summer .



negro-blazers-de-punto-xllook-main-singleLove, Cris ❤


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