How to plan your next vacay

RO: Acest post este unul pe care l-am pregatit de mult timp. M-am gandit cum sa abordez subiectul astfel incat sa fie cat mai simplu si cat mai usor de pus in practica 🙂


1.In primul rand trebuie sa stim unde ne dorim sa mergem: intr-un loc in care am mai fost, ne-a placut foarte mult si ne dorim sa revenim, sau intr-un loc cu totul nou si necunoscut.


2. Dupa ce am decis acest lucru ne stabilim un buget. Daca ne dorim un hotel luxury bugetul automat va creste.


3. Transportul: avion, masina personala, tren? Modalitatea de a ajunge la destinatie este influentata de punctul 1. Daca in orasul respectiv nu se poate ajunge cu masina sau cu trenul, atunci avionul este solutia salvatoare.


4. Durata sejurului: fie ca este city-break (3-5 zile) sau un concediu in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, bugetul nostru se va majora cu fiecare zi petrecuta.



5. Dupa ce am rezolvat toate cele 4 puncte, ne gandim la activitatile pe care le putem desfasura in locul respectiv. Daca am ales city-break, timpul este destul de scurt iar planul trebuie bine pus  la punct. Trebuie sa tinem cont de cozile care se formeaza la intrarea in muzee, iar o solutie ar fi sa ne achizitionam pass-uri online, direct de pe siteurile specializate ( useful trick). Apoi un pass pentru 3 zile cu acces nelimitat la metrou si autobuze este un MUST.


Daca mergem la plajaaa relaxarea se va resimti in aer. Acolo nu ne vom face griji in privinta locurilor de vizitat. Vom merge la cele mai frumoase plaja de pe insula sau din oras, vom explora locuri noi si vom capata cel mai frumos bronz. Asta ar trebui sa fie singura noastra grija. In general transportul ese bine pus la punct pe insule si in orasele mari asa ca vom ajunge la timp la obiectivul dorit 🙂

6. Bagajul:

City-break: haine casual, jeansi, t-shrts, bluze, geaca de piele, esarfe, incaltaminte lejera, adidasi sau tenisi, in mare pare tinute lejere accesorizate fancy. A, si o geanta incapatoare :d

Beach time: Costumele de baie, pareo, rochii, jeansi scurti, pantaloni scurti, sandale, flip-flops, topuri colorate, palarii de soare, ochelari si o geanta de plaja, in mare parte ar fi cam tot ce ne trebuie.

packing 4packing

7.Payment: Pentru oricare din variante optezi, este bine sa ai la tine atat cardul , care iti va face viata mai usoara, dar si o suma de bani cash. Este foarte posibil ca magazinul de la care iti doresti sa iti iei inghetata cu capsuni si ciocolata sa nu dispuna de POS, iar pentru 4 euro nu cred ca merita sa ratezi o astfel de placere. Daca nu vrei sa calatoresti cu bani asura ta, cand ajungi opreste-te la primul bancomat si retrage o suma de bani 🙂 (useful trick)


8. Have the time of your life ❤ Until next year!


EN: This post was prepared for a long time. I thought about how to approach the subject so as to be simple and easy to put into practice 🙂

Step 1: First of all we must know where we want to go: in a place where we travelled before, we liked very much and we want to return, or somewhere totally new and unknown.

Step 2:After we decided the place we need to to establish a budget. If we want a luxurious hotel the budget will need to be increased automatically.

 Step 3: Transportation: plane, car, train? The way we choose to travel is influenced by point 1. If the city can’t be reached by car or train, the plane is rebound.

Step 4: Length of stay: whether it be city-break (3-5 days) or a vacation in the true sense, our budget will increase with each day spent.

 Step 5: After we solved all the 4 points, let’s think about the activities you can perform in the chosen place. If we elected a city-break the time is quite short and the goals need to be set corectly. We also have to think about the queues that form at the entrance to museums. A solution would be to buy a pass online from specialized websites (Useful trick). A 3 day pass with unlimited access to the metro and buses is a MUST.

If you go to the beach, relax will be felt in the air. There you will be not worried about places to visit. You will get tan at the most beautiful beaches on the island and you will  explore new places. That should be your only concern. The transport lines are generally well established on islands so you reach the desired goals 🙂

Step 6: Luggage:

City -break : casual clothes, jeans, t – shirts , blouses, leather jacket, scarf, shoes casual shoes or sneakers, casual outfits accessorized in a fancy way. Oh, and a XXL bag : d

Beach time: bathing suits, pareos, dresses, jeans shorts, shorts, sandals, flip -flops, colorful tops, sun hats, glasses and a beach bag, largely is almost everything we need.

Step 7:  Payment methods : For anyone of the options you choose, it is indicated to have both payment methods: credit cards and a certain amount of cash which will make life easier. It is very possible that the store where you want to buy your strawberries and chocolate ice cream to do not use a POS and for only 4 euro you don’t deserve to miss such a pleasure . If you do not want to travel with your money on your wallet, when you see the first ATM you can withdraw a small amount. (useful trick)

Step 8:  Have the time of your life ❤ Until next year!

Love, Cris ❤


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