When in Rome/ Cum era sa pierdem avionul

Day 3

Ziua a treia, si ultima in Roma

RO: Ne-am trezit, am luat micul dejun, am mai stat putin la cafea, dupa care am facut bagajele. Am plecat de la hotel in jurul orei 10:00. Ne-am plimbat prin imprejurimi, am mai luat niste suveniruri dupa care am mers la ghiseul de unde ne cumparam bilele pentru autocarul care avea sa ne duca la aeroporul din Fiumicino. La ghiseu o doamna foarte draguta ne spune ca biletele le putem lua cu o ora inainte de ora de placare a autocarului. Zis si facut. Am luat un flyer, si am vazut ca autocarul pe care noi il doream pleca la 15:30, deci la 14:30 trebuia sa ne intoarcem.

Plimbandu-ne pe stradute am gasit un restaurant foarte dragut unde am comandat o sticla de vin rosu.


Ne-am simtit atat de bine si am ras atat de mult incat nici prin cap nu ne-a trecut ce avea sa se intample. Am cerut nota, ceasul era aproximativ 13:30. Am oprit si la un magazin de unde am luat cate o portie de pizza take-away extraordinar de buna. 🙂

Pe la ora 14:20 eram din nou in gara, si ne-am asezat la coada. Ajung la rand si ii spun domnisoarei cu un par blond si ondulat:

-Two tickets for Fiumicino at 15:30.

-No more places, sorry.

-What? You told us to come one hour earlier, and now?

-Sorry the bus in full.

-Ok, then we want two tickets for the buss that leaves at 16:30.

-This bus is full too.

Nu ne venea sa credem. Avionul decola la ora 18:00 iar noi nu avam cu ce sa ajungem la aeroport.

Am mers sa cautam un taxi insa niciunul nu era disponibil sa ne duca pana acolo fara o suma frumusica.

Ma asez din nou la coada, in idea in care poate s-au mai eliberat bilete pentru alte autocare. In fata mea doua spanioloaice, radeau si chicoteau de zor. Cand au ajuns la ghiseu:

-Dos billetos para Fiumicino a 15:30.

-Aqui tienes.

Au platit si si-au luat biletele pentru autocarul de la ora 15:30. Nu intelegeam ce se intampla. Pentru o secunda am crezut ca nu am vazut bine sau nu am inteles ce au cerut. Ajung si eu din nou la domnisoara blonda:

-Dos billetos para Fiumicino a 15:30.

-Aqui tienes.

Am luat instant biletele si am fugit spre O. Nu ne venea sa credem. Nu am inteles nici pana in ziua de azi ce s-a intamplat atunci.

Am mers in statie, am ajuns la aeroport la 16:30. Dupa check-in am stat relaxati la o cafea intr-un coffee shop din aeroport, amintindu-ne cum era sa pierdem avionul.

Have a safe flight!


We woke up in the morning to have breakfast and drink some coffee in the garden of the hotel. I made the luggage and we left the hotel around 10:00 AM . We walked through the neighborhood , we took some souvenirs and then we went to the counter where we had to buy the bus ticketes to arrive at Fiumicino Airport. A very pretty lady at the counter tells us that we can get tickets only one hour before the departure hour of the bus. Said and done. I took a flyer, and we saw that the wanted bus will have the departure at 15:30 so at 14:30  we had to go back.

Walking the streets we found a very nice restaurant where we ordered a bottle of red wine.

The vibe that we had was amazing and we laughed so much that we did not even past what had to happen. I asked for the note, the clock was about 13.30 PM. I stopped by a store to buy a slices of pizza which was extraordinarily good. 🙂

At about 14:20 PM we were back at the station, and we sat in line. A young lady tell with blonde and curly hair was at the counter:

-Two Tickets for Fiumicino at 15:30PM.

-No more places, sorry.

-What? You told us to come one hour earlier, and now?

-Sorry the bus in full.

Okay, We want then two tickets for the buss that leaves at 16:30 PM.

-This bus is too full.

We could not believe it. The plane will take off at 18:00 PM and we don’t know how to reach to the airport. We were looking for a taxi but none was available to take us up there without a great amount of cash. I sit down again at the line, thinking that maybe they have issued tickets for other busses. Two spanish girls in front of me, were laughing and giggling loudly. When they arrived at the counter:

-Dos billetos para Fiumicino a 15:30.

-Aqui tienes.

They paid and they got tickets for the bus at 15:30 PM. I didn’t understand what was happening. For a second I thought I did not see well or did not understand what they asked for. And I get back to the blonde young lady:

-Dos billetos para Fiumicino a 15:30.

-Aqui tienes.

I took instantly the tickets and ran toward O. We could not believe it. I did not understand until today what happened in this moment.

We went into the station, and we finally arrived at the airport at 16:30. After the check in procedure we drank a coffee in a coffee shop at the airport, remembering what it was like a piece of cake to miss the flight.

Love, Cris ❤


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