3,2,1 Summer

RO: Desi este aprilie, gandul ne sta numai la vara. La plaja si la tinutele de vara. Balerinii, sandalele cu si fara platforma abia asteapta sa fie purtate. Atunci cant ne gandim la o tinuta de vara automat ne vin in cap culorile. Multe si puternice. Materialele subtiri, pantalonii scurti si pielea bronzata. Fiecare dintre noi are acasa o perche de blugi lungi pe care nu ii mai poarta, si care pot fi usor asortati cu orice triou cu un mesaj cool.

Si atunci ce ne ramane sa facem cu ei? Sa ii taiem. DIY-DO IT YOURSELF

Am dat un search pe youtube “how to cut your jeans into shorts” si ia priviti ce am gasit:

Pasul 1: Alegem perechea de blugi pe care vrem sa o modificam. O sa avem nevoie de o foarfeca, un creion/marker.shorts-customizados-4

Pasul 2: Ii taiem mai lungi cu o palma fata de dimensiunea la care ii dorim pentru a putea ulterior sa modficam franjurile.shorts-customizados-10

Pasul 3: Cu ajutorul creionului/markerului trasam o linie pana la dimensiunea pe care o dorim ca si finala. Dupa care incepem sa taiem pe urma trasata anterior.

Pasul 4 : Ultimul dar si cel mai simplu: ii bagam in masina de spalat, la o spalare obisnuita. Cu ajutorul acestei spalari ei vor obtine efectul de franjuri si vor arata perfect, gata de purtat.


Hey gurls, astept sa imi spuneti daca ati incercat 🙂


EN: I know that is only April, but I can only think about the summer time. Beach side and summer outfits. Flip-flops, platform sandals are waiting to be worn. Then the colorful summer outfits automatically come in my mind. Thin materials, shorts and tanned skin. Each of us has at home a pair of old-fashioned jeans that no longer wears, and that can be easily matched with any messaged t-shirt. So what we can do with this pair of jeans? To cut. DIY-Do It Yourself I searched on youtube.com  “how to cut your jeans into shorts” and watch what I found:

Step 1: Choose the pair of jeans you want to modify. We’ll need a pair of scissors, a pen / marker.

Step 2: I will make the cut with a slap against the size at which we wish to be modified.

Step 3: Using the pencil / marker draw a line to the size you want. Then we start to cut from previously drawn.

Step 4: Last and the most simply is the wash them in the washing machine on a normal wash program. With this they will get the fringe effect and will look perfect, ready to wear. Gurls Hey, I am waiting you to tell me if you tried this:)

Love, Cris ❤


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