Our first trip-Thassos Island

RO: Prima noastra vacanta a inceput cam asa: Bagaje peste bagaje, zeci de rochite, pantaloni scurti si sandale cu platform, care erau nerabdatoare sa fie purtate. Am asteptat vacanta asta de foarte mult timp, iar luna August parca nu mai venea odata. Am plecat din Bucuresti cu zambetul pe buze si putin obositi, ora 3 AM nu este chiar asa prietenoasa, insa atunci cand pleci in vacanta si doar la nisip si mare iti sta gandul, nu mai este o problema ora.:)

Am facut prima noastra oprire in Giurgiu, nu pentru foarte mult timp. Soarele deja incepea sa se ridice iar noi stiam ca drumul ce urmeaza va fi unul lung. Prin Bulgaria am trecut destul de greu, drumurile proaste si limitele de viteza ne-au fost cam neprietenoase, insa in 6 ore am reusit sa traversam Bulgaria de la un capat la celalalt.

Am trecut granita, si am intrat in Grecia. 🙂

Deja ne simteam ca pe plaja, iar urmatorii 200 km pareau o nimica toata. Momentul in care am ajuns in port a fost magic. Pescarusi care zburau pana aproape de tarm, agitatie, turistii care isi cautau bilete fiecare pentru insula pe care voia sa se relaxeze in urmatoarele zile, animatie peste tot in jur. Ne-am cumparat bilete, am urcat pe ferry-boat si am asteptat sa porneasca motoarele. Drumul avea sa dureze in jur de 1 ora, insa noi deja eram nerabdatori. Marea stralucea, soarele era pe cer iar aerul fierbinte ne incanta simturile. Momentul in care am coborat de pe vas a venit destul de repede, iar drumul pana la hotel nu a durat mai mult de 10 minute, hotelul fiind amplasat relative aproape de plaja si de port.

Ne-am cazat in jurul orei 13:00, rezervarile le-am facut pe http://www.booking.com, si am avut ceva emotii deoarece era prima noastra escapade de acest gen. Inca o data “good job” http://www.booking.com. Bagajele le-am urcat in camera, eu cu bagaje iar O. cu parcatul masinii.

Camera de hotel era spatioasa, mobilierul in stil grecesc, simplu dar foarte bine lucrat. Vederea camerei era spre gradina cu flori, leandrii si chiparosi.ac28bec8fd2ef058c5b83a70ade2e752Giola-Thassos-Greece-1insula-thassos-paradise-beachmarble-beach

Imediat am decis sa ne schimbam si sa plecam spre plaja in explorare. Distantele de la hotel fata de plaja, centrul statiunii si port erau foarte mici, hotelul fiind amplasat undeva la mijlocul statiunii. Prima zi de plaja a fost minunata, nu degeaba se spune ca Thassos este insula de Smarald.Thassos_plajethassos-plaja-marble



EN: Our first holiday together began like this: my luggage over storage, dozens of dresses, shorts and sandals with platform who were eager to be worn. I expected this holiday for a long time and I was feeling like the month of August will never come. We left Bucharest with a big smile on our faces at 3 AM. This is not a friendly hour the wake up, but when you go on vacation is just a question of time.

We made our first stop in Giurgiu city, but only for 30 minutes. The sun is already starting to rise and we knew that the road will be long. The way through Bulgaria have been pretty tough, bad roads and speed limits were unfriendly to us, but in almost 6 hours we managed to cross Bulgaria from end to end.

We have crossed the border, and entered Greece. 🙂

We already felt that holiday feeling that’s why the next 200 km seemed a piece of cake. When we arrived in the port it was magical. Seagulls, waves, tourists who were seeking tickets for the island where they wanted to relax and have fun for the next days, animation all around. We bought tickets, and we are waiting for the ferry-boat to start. The road will take about 1 hour, but we were already impatient. The sea was shining in the light of the sun and the fresh air was enchanting us. We descended from the ship, take our car and take the way to the hotel. The way lasted no more than 10 minutes. The hotel was placed relatively close to the beach side and harbor.

We arrived at the reception around 13:00, the rooms were booked with http://www.booking.com, that’s why we had some anxious feelings because it was our first online booking. Once again the “good job” booking.com. I’ve got the bags in the room, meanwhile O. was parking the car.

The hotel room was spacious, the furniture was built in traditional greek style, simple but very well done. The room view was directed to the garden fulfilled with beautiful flowers and palm trees.Immediately we decided to change our clothes and go to the beach in exploration. The distance from the hotel to the beach was very small, the hotel was set somewhere in the middle of the city . The first day at the beach was beautiful, not for nothing that they say that Thassos is the smarald island.You can see the pictures 🙂

 Love, Cris ❤





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